Cape Town Floriography Papers

For long flower sellers have used newspaper to wrap up flowers. Old newspaper was thereby given a second life as packaging material before finally being discarded. Inspired by this recycling practice, Cape Town Floriography changes the direction of this cycle by producing new papers that can be used to wrap up flowers and can only be read once the flowers are unpacked. The papers highlight different aspects of the past and present of flower selling. They include a short article on the history of flower selling in Cape Town, postcards, a collage artwork and historical photographs. The first three flower wrapping papers were launched on Heritage Day 2016.

As a collection, the flower wrapping papers can be assembled as a flower market newspaper. At the flower market in Adderley Street and Trafalgar Place, the flower wrapping papers also doubled as exhibition panels. They were plastered along a wall of an adjacent building and remained on display long after Heritage Day. Finally the flower market in Adderley Street and Trafalgar Place got a display that remembered the storyboards which other heritage sites in the city had a long time ago been equipped with. Tourists and commuters alike stop to look the papers. They often serve as a starting point for conversations about history and life in the city.